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Building Websites and Business Tools in Minutes.

Using professsional tools to execute and develop
strategic plans for growing businesses.

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Frequently asked questions

Click on any package or go to support and call our customer care line.
Your Internet Pages.
We are a business management system company, whose service includes but not limited to websites, webapps etc.
Yes you can, we have available tutorial videos to assist you you get your hands on it quickly.
We can help give you an online identity.
Yes you can, we have a fully robust E-commerce platform.
No, We are not.
We do not sell products for ouR customers. We create a platform for you to do that.
Yes you can, we have a system that enables you be an enterprenuer on the YIP platform.
Yes you can, we just need to point your domain to our servers.
No we dont, as our servers are in the United Kingdom, hence we do not experience such.
it enables us maintain your site and make sure things like space, hosting and domain name are constantly sorted.
This enables us set up your website as quickly as possible and also pay for your chosen domain.
No, we only collect a minimum of 3 months payment.
Your website goes offline.
No you do not, we have a dedicated support team that can help.
Give us a call and our business professional would help you fit into the right package.